Experimental Design

Experimental design is an essential step in a Startup. But how can we test if a startup idea is viable without costing a fortune and taking years?

Tristonne Forbes from Pathwize shared with us some great tips on how we can test our assumptions with customers and then build smart tests to validate that we are on the right path – or not – both being equally good outcomes. The elements of a great test that will help us to know with more certainty before we totally commit and invest include: 1. Tangible object (to test) – ie. website / email / prototype / video. 2. Call to action (to validate) – ie. sign up / refer / follow / attend. 3. Clear Yes or No (a result).

Watch the recording for more information.

BIO: Tristonne Forbes – https://www.pathwize.com.au/pathwize Tristonne is a new venture builder, entrepreneur and innovation consultant. She has a proven track record of driving growth and innovation and is a respected member of the Australian startup sector. Her expertise in management consulting, and experience as a partner at Pollenizer, have made her an expert in applying lean startup methodologies. She has helped fueled the growth of over 100 startups applying customer discovery, rapid prototyping, and experimentation approaches. Her compelling storytelling skills have also been instrumental in helping startups raise capital. Tristonne has also been one of the driving forces behind the creation and facilitation of world-class accelerator programs, such as CSIRO ON Accelerate, UniMelb TRaM, Cicada Innovations GrowLab, ACMI’s Xcel, the AIM iHUB, and LaunchVic’s CivVic Labs, that have had a significant impact on the growth of the startup ecosystem.