Trusted Avenues

Simon Buckley from Trusted Avenues was Startup Central Victoria’s Meetup guest on 6 June 2023.

Simon who lives in the Macedon Ranges had a great startup idea – one that would encourage B2B through referrals without all the spam – and thought he had it sorted … until he participated in Startup Central Victoria’s Accelerator Program and discovered all the hidden pitfalls relating to trademarks, and business and domain names.

What would he do differently if he was starting another new startup? – participate in an accelerator program earlier in the idea development, and talk to more trusted people in his network.

The good news is that Simon’s online platform, Trusted Avenues, has now been successfully launched and he started by explaining what this platform provides for businesses.

Trusted Avenues – Manage your professional network and trusted avenues of business in the one private location. Build your network through referrals from your trusted avenues, and share your network in return in a private and non-intrusive way. Creating new avenues to explore and keeping business transactions within your local network where possible, all through the power of referral business.