Screen Facility Discussion Update

Following on from the Opportunities Forum, a small but enthusiastic group met on Friday 17 June to further discuss the idea for a post-production screen facility in Central Victoria. As part of the research phase, Caleb Maxwell is seeking the support of an Advisory Committee that will help shape an action plan and business case for this exciting proposal. Why Bendigo / Central Victoria? Further research will help identify what will attract producers and directors to carry out this stage of the production here. Easy travel from Sydney and Melbourne, secure accommodation, lifestyle options, close to film locations etc may be some of the attractants. How can we utilise the wonderful talent already connected with Central Victoria to leverage incoming projects? Can we partner with other production companies struggling with capacity? Creating a ‘rush screening area’ may be a cost effective starting point. Ultimately the vision is for a facility that houses a screen cinema, editing suite, recording studio, and offices – sound, temperature and light controlled – plus accessible accommodation. Could it be more than one location? Training resources is another potential add on. Interesting to note that the Ballarat City Council is providing incentives to companies to film in their region indicating that it must be of benefit to the community in terms of employment, capacity building, tourism and the arts. Can we present a business case to investors at the May 2023 Global Entrepreneurship Congress to be held in Melbourne?

These and so many more questions to be answered. Please contact Caleb Maxwell at Hebron Films if you’d like to contribute to this exciting discussion.