RMG: Startup to Scaleup

While RMG has come a long way in the 10 years since it began as an idea in the family loungeroom, one thing has remained constant for founder, Tim Dunlop. “Our vision hasn’t changed since day one!”

In this insightful discussion we covered the challenges of a startup in Bendigo regional Victoria trying to attract high end projects, to how culture and systems have assisted the business to successfully scaleup to establish more offices in Melbourne and two other regional cities.

As Tim reflected on his journey and the recent naming of RMG as BBEA Business of the Year, he says that his vision first started as a young lad growing up in Axedale and seeing a historic photograph with his local community in action to establish a water main supply. 

“It was a lonely journey when we started ten years ago,” Tim admits, “it’s so good to have Startup Central Victoria as everyone needs support and a safe space to bounce ideas around.”