Opportunities Forum

On 12 May 2022 three speakers presented three big ideas for discussion across Central Victoria. Bendigo creative, Caleb Maxwell, shared his excitement about the prospect of launching Central Victoria’s very own post production screen company to tap into a multibillion-dollar industry producing Australian drama content. Working Heritage’s Ross Turnbull provided an insight into the master plan for the former Kyneton Primary School and the business opportunities it will present for the local community and wider region. Vicki Lane from SquareV talked about her business’s transition from a home base to Workspace Australia, and then into commercial premises. Now they are growing even bigger and need more space. Is this the case with other tech companies? Yes, according to the feedback! Maybe it is time Bendigo had its own Tech Park? We discussed the merit of all three opportunities and came up with some actions at the end of a very stimulating conversation.

Discussions are continuing and we welcome your input. Reach out to Caleb, Vicky, and Ross if you’d like more information. Check out our news and resource pages for the latest.