Jane Bunn’s Startup Journey

When Australian meteorologist and Channel 7 weather presenter Jane Bunn is invited to speak at events in agricultural communities – one of the most common questions she is asked is “what weather app do you use?”

And, when she realised there wasn’t a single app on the market she could recommend, the TV personality teamed up with software engineer David Hemming to launch Jane’s Weather, a one-stop shop for hyper local weather forecasting for all Australians.

On 28 May 2024 Startup Central Victoria hosted an event in Bendigo with Jane to learn more about her startup journey and how participation in an AgTech Accelerator Program assisted. Access to mentors was one of the most valuable aspects along with being encouraged to establish an Advisory Board to bring in new skills.

“You can be one hundred percent sure you are doing it right,” said Jane, “and then you talk to someone who has done this before and suddenly you realise that something is so obvious and wonder how we did not see that.”

Anyone in central Victoria with a startup idea was also encouraged to apply for Startup Central Victoria’s FREE 12-week pre-accelerator program commencing in late June.

Watch the Livestream recording of Jane’s talk about her startup (she also talks about her career path earlier in the session).