Export 101

Although Australian companies are innovative, decisive and lead the world in terms of our skill and expertise, we have a small domestic market, and – increasingly – companies across the world are an audience for our product or service, and our competitors.

On 28 November 2023, Dr Mark Morley spoke to us about the opportunities, challenges and barriers to international trade and investment, so that we can consider how we might plug into the global market from central Victoria.



Mark calls Bendigo home, and was raised in regional Victoria, outside Shepparton.  

Mark has a strong consulting background, and extensive networks in regional businesses in Victoria. He was a Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for Austrade in Egypt and Saudi Arabia (2013-2018) and India, Bangladesh and Pakistan (2018-2020) and has worked at Regional Development Victoria and Telstra in senior-level marketing and management roles. 

Mark has a BComm, a BA in Arabic, a Master of International Relations, and a doctorate awarded by Monash University Law School in an area of constitutional law. Mark has also published a book on the subject. 

Mark has his own start-up in Australia and Malaysia – Milne Bay – and serves as an independent director at Bendigo Community Health Services, The Leprosy Mission, Regional Partnerships Loddon-Mallee, Creek Street Christian School and the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo.